555 Cigarettes

State Express 555 cigarettes are more commonly known as 555. They were originally made in the UK by the Ardath Tobacco Company. They are sold all over the world and the brand is particularly popular in Asia, although they are difficult to find in some places. The '555' originates from the blend or mix of tobacco used for the different brands within the State Express range. 555 was a Virginia tobacco blend and by far the most popular and it is still a Virginia blend today. 555 is well known cigarettes brand for sponsoring motor sports. Although this has been stopped due to new European Legislation with regards to tobacco advertising.

The cigarette itself is full flavoured and made with quality tobacco. It also has a premium filter to deliver more pleasure while smoking. It is a well-known European brand associated with good quality. They come in a gold pack with 555 logo stamped on. The package looks sophisticated and stylish. It makes smokers feel very special since you deserve to have a really good brand and quality product and the pack shows you that you will get that. Smoking should be a pleasure for a real smoker. Getting that great brand at a lower price is also a great thing and you can do this here.

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