Marlboro Cigarettes

The official year of launching the brand Marlboro is 1924, but, in fact, its history started much earlier, in 1846. The founder of the company was Philip Morris – a tobacco shop owner from Bond Street in London. His death of lung cancer didn’t kill his business. On the contrary, it grew into a fabric producing cigarettes on Great Marlboro Street. Eventually, the name of the street became the name of a brand of the most popular cigarettes in the world.

How Is It Going Now?

As of 2021, the global brand value is estimated at 51.7 billion US dollars. Marlboro has been keeping the leadership on the market of cigarette brands since 1972. Within the United States, the brand is owned and operated by Philip Morris USA, while outside the US – Philip Morris International.

Marlboro and Sports

Although cigarette smoking is not the best choice for sportsmen, the Marlboro brand is tightly associated with sports sponsorship. The company became a sponsor to several Formula One racing teams, including BRM, McLaren, and Ferrari. The brand was also a sponsor for teams participating in Grand Pix motorcycle racing, Superbike world championship, rally, and badminton.

Marlboro Products

The company produces over thirty varieties of cigarettes with unique tobacco blends for every smoker to find their favourite one. Except for the classic cigarettes, Marlboro offers light and flavoured cigarettes. However, not all of them are available for European users. In the United Kingdom, the brand users can buy heavy Marlboro cigarettes as well as those with a softer taste and less nicotine and tar.

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