R1 Cigarettes

R1 is a famous British brand of light cigarettes. The owner and manufacturer of the brand is a British multinational tobacco company Imperial Brands plc, which is better known under its former name Imperial Tobacco Group. This company is ranked four among the biggest cigarette and tobacco manufacturing companies in the world. The cigarettes by R1 brand got awards for their brand advertising campaigns and international recognition for their outstanding quality and lightness.

How Does R1 Stand Out among Other Brands?

The key difference between the cigarettes produced under the R1 brand and other brands available on the market is their small concentrations of nicotine and tars. R1 is considered a brand producing light cigarettes. Most R1 products are slims. Besides, the design of the cigarettes package is very sophisticated and refined, which makes people associate this brand as the one created for women. However, these are only prejudice, and both men and women can enjoy the balanced taste of R1 cigarettes.

One of the secrets of the original taste of R1 brand cigarettes is the unique tobacco blends, which contain the best tobacco leaves grown on plantations in Africa, Brazil, and Indonesia. R1 cigarettes come with a full-flavoured tobacco taste, as well as menthol and caramel, and vanilla flavours.

R1 Brand Products Variety

Whichever product by R1 you choose for yourself, it will contain either 0.1 or 0.5 mg of nicotine. The amounts of tars don’t exceed 1 mg in all product lines except for R1 Slim Line, which has 5 mg of tars.