GLO Heat Sticks

A GLO Heat Stick is a well-elaborated device that incorporate smart electronics to heat a tobacco stick. It releases an aerosol that includes nicotine and tobacco flavors.

The trend of quitting traditional smoking in favor of alternative methods is growing and strengthening all over the world. The main trump cards in this game are run by the largest tobacco companies. One of them is GLO – a tobacco heating device manufactured by the British American Tobacco company.

Those who are all about novelties in the technological smoking world switch to heating tobacco systems and find them a perfect replacement for traditional cigarettes. GLO Heat Sticks use dedicated tobacco sticks instead of classic cigarettes. Once you activate a device, it will heat a tobacco at a temperature around 250 ˚C without burning it. Instead of smoke, it produces a nicotine-infused aerosol. The process resembles smoking cigarettes. However, a GLO Heat Stick doesn’t produce sharp smell, smoke. Also, there is no tar getting into the lungs.

All GLO devices have straightforward design and LED buttons which allow you to adjust a level indicator starts and starts sessions. The duration of the burn is around 6 minutes and include up to 14 puffs.

Although these heat sticks bring nicotine to your body, they don’t contain additional harmful elements you can find in the traditional cigarettes. This is the reason the consumers can use tobacco heating systems in many cafeterias, parks and even airports.