President Cigarettes

President is a brand of cigarettes mostly sold in Eastern Europe. The brand is owned and manufactured by Philip Morris International. The company has manufacturing facilities around the world, so the cigarettes brand President is produced in several countries, including Greece, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, and so on.

This brand is cherished for the quality of its products containing a fine American blend of Virginia tobacco, Burley, and Oriental tobaccos, each of which adds its unique flavour to the brand products. The balanced taste of President cigarettes allows relaxing and enjoying the pleasant tobacco aroma.

Selection of President Brand Products

The President brand is presented on the market with several product lines. Due to a broad selection of products, any smoker can find something meeting their preferences in cigarette heaviness and intensity of tobacco flavour.

The full-flavoured varieties of President cigarettes contain 10.5 mg or 8 mg of tar. Their tobacco tastes intense, so it goes better with experienced smokers who enjoy thick bluish fog and pure tobacco flavour. Those who prefer softer cigarettes can also find some among President brand products.

The rich selection of President cigarettes is a sign of brand taking care that every smoker could get the very type of cigarettes they prefer. While being sold at an affordable price, this brand offers quality cigarettes that can definitely bring pleasure to any smoker.