President Cigarettes

The slogan of President cigarettes brand “For achieving big dreams” speaks for itself. These smokes are made from the first-class tobacco in order to suit expectations of the most demanding clients. President smokes are manufactured in Ukraine under the authority of Philip Morris International Tobacco Company.

The very title “President” shows the status of these cigarettes in comparison to other brands. Specific flavor is followed by strong and powerful smell, which influences all senses of a smoker and gives a person great pleasure. President cigarettes are known all over the world for their seductive scent that makes a person dream and enjoy the process of smoking. These smokes can be found in two types of packages: red and blue ones.

The main detail that is present on both of them is a golden eagle – the symbol of freedom, heroism, courage, great strength that help to fight all difficulties. That is why President Cigarettes are considered to be the ones for people with their inner power and confidence.