Virginia Slims Cigarettes

Virginia brand was first introduced by Philip Morris as a female cigarettes in July, 1968. It’s a narrow elegant smokes (narrower than usual Slims – 23mm circumference), that emphasis the femininity and stylish look of a woman. Virginia cigarettes are well-known and demanded in many countries all over the world among women with different characters, tastes and life style. Because these cigarettes were created specially for woman, for their tender arms that will easily hold such a refined cigarette. Virginia smokes are produced by Altria Group that is why there can be no chance for their bad reputation.

Because Altria Group is known like one of the best tobacco company at the world market of tobacco products. First city that was lucky to see Virginia cigarettes in sell was San Francisco, California. It was kind of the first exam for these smokes and they successfully passed it! From that time Virginia brand only become better and better. It keeps its regular customers and rapidly attracts the admirers of the best quality tobacco! And it’s not a surprise because in modern world people steam to be the best they can and to get everything best. So as Virginia brand…it’s always will improving and follows the desires of its valuable consumers!