Parliament Cigarettes

Introduced in 1932, Parliament remains one of the most popular cigarette brands worldwide. This brand belongs to the Swiss-American cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company Phillip Morris International. In the US territory, the cigarettes brand Parliament is owned by Philip Morris USA.

Currently, Parliament is the 12th best-selling cigarette brand in the world. Such a position may be explained by a stereotype of this brand to be available for affluent smokers only.

How Is Parliament Different from Other Brands?

The thing that makes Parliament stand out among other brands is the recessed paper filter applied in the brand cigarettes. Such a product design was and is still used as an advertising gimmick. The Parliament marketing campaigns used recesses paper filters as a unique peculiarity of the brand cigarettes. Apart from claims about a better taste of recessed filter cigarettes, the brand insisted on the idea of such filters eliminating the possibility of any contact between the tar and the smoker’s mouth, thus reducing the harm of cigarettes on a person’s health.

Parliament Products Types

The excellent quality of tobacco used by the brand manufacturers keeps Parliament in a premium segment. The British smokers can buy full-flavour Parliament cigarettes, as well as those with reduced amounts of tar and nicotine. The level of nicotine in Parliament cigarettes ranges from 0.1 mg to 0.8 mg, while the tar amounts vary from 1 mg to 11 mg. Parliament is a brand where both experienced and novice smokers can find a product tasting the way they want.