More Cigarettes

The year 1975 became the year when the then-new brand of cigarettes called More was introduced to the market. Currently, the owner and the manufacturer of More cigarettes brand produced for European smokers is Japan Tobacco. It is a large cigarette manufacturing company distributing over 100 cigarette brands around the globe.

How Does More Brand Stand Out?

The More brand has gained its recognition due to the very peculiar appearance of the cigarettes the brand is producing. The standard length of More cigarettes is 120 mm, which is 50 mm longer than the regular cigarette size. However, this is not the only peculiarity of this brand. More introduced their cigarettes wrapped in dark brown paper, making them look similar to cigars. It wasn’t only their design that reminded people of cigars but also their strength. The concentrations of nicotine and tar in them were much higher than in other brands of cigarettes on the market.

Currently, the assortment of More products is much broader and includes 100 mm and 120 mm cigarettes in white, brown, and beige wrapping. Besides the heavy More cigarettes, the brand also produces lights, thus broadening the number of its potential users.

More Products

More cigarettes come full-flavoured (in the red pack) and with menthol flavoured (in the green package). More brand has recently transitioned to niche brands. You can still buy More cigarettes in the UK.