IQOS Heat Sticks

IQOS Heat Sticks, also known as HEETS, are dedicated heated units filled with tobacco of different strengths and tastes. It is registered trademarks of PMI (Phillip Morris International Inc.) and approved for international distribution. IQOS offers heated tobacco alternatives to smoking. It is indicated only for smoking using an IQOS container. Aside from tobacco material, HEETS incorporate multiple filter sections. They include several items, such as a tobacco plug, plastic filter, tobacco plug designed for heating, hollow cylinder, polymer-film filter and an outer layer of tipping material.

To properly use a heat stick, a consumer should attach it to the IQOS container. Here, it will be heated up to 350˚C. Such technique allows the smoker to smoothly draw the stick and enjoy the genuine aroma of heated tobacco. The burn duration is similar to the one you can achieve from a cigarette. Each IQOS Heat Sticks lasts up to 7 minutes and gives up to 15 puffs. Like the vaping device, the IQOS does not produce any "side" vapor. It only gives off vapor when inhaled.

All IQOS systems employ cutting-edge electronics that heat tobacco units to release nicotine-infused tobacco vapor. It is worth mentioning IQOS doesn’t burn the tobacco like a regular cigarette but just heats it. The consumer won’t deal with fire or ash. Although IQOS Heat Sticks still deliver nicotine to your body, it reduces the level of dangerous chemicals.