Kool Cigarettes

Kool cigarettes is a major brand produced by one of the greatest R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company since 30s when the first non-filter version was presented. RJR is the second-largest cigarette company in the US with own standards that are strictly controlled in every manufacturing partner facility. The headquarters are located in North Carolina and the main overall product market is operating within the United States.

Quality control is applied at every stage of the production. There is a special receipt used for tobacco blend production and it has not been changed for decades. Kool has it's variety of cigarettes kinds that will satisfy experienced and sophisticated smokers that cherish the original flavor, properly balanced for the most rich and gentle smoke. Kool cigarettes are also famous for their Menthol line "Milds". There are not many of us who truly enjoy menthols, but Kool Milds are cigarettes that you will want to smoke daily. We got used to the harsh and strong menthol feeling in the cigarettes that we tried earlier, but Kool Milds will show you how the real menthols should taste.