Kool Cigarettes

KOOL was founded by Brown and Williamson Tobacco in 1933. The American brand Kool made a revolutionary breakthrough by launching the first cigarettes with menthol. The company released the first menthol products that received worldwide popularity and approval. The manufacturer uses a high-quality mixture of strong American blends. The frosty freshness of menthol will infuse your smoking journey with a completely new experience.

Cigarettes received recognition in the United States and the United Kingdom. As a result, it holds leading positions on the market. Nowadays, the product is shipped to Europe, Japan, Jamaica, and South American countries.

Despite the high competition among menthol analogues, Kool earns a decent place on the market. The quality of tobacco and materials are higher than that of mass brands. The pack has an appealing design and a small form factor. It allows you to always take out your favourite cigarettes with you. The lovers of this brand mark the following benefits:

  • strong and well-defined flavour;
  • the rich taste of menthol with hints of roast;
  • acetate filter.

Considering the advantages of Kool cigarettes, the above-average price tag is completely justified.