Monte Carlo Cigarettes

Despite its very European name, the cigarette brand Monte Carlo actually originates from Japan. It belongs to Japan Tobacco Inc. - a cigarette manufacturing company owning dozens of cigarettes brands sold around the world. Monte Carlo is one of their most popular brands, which is produced by R. J. Reynolds. Japan Tobacco Inc. acquired R. J. Reynolds non-US operations in 1999. Monte Carlo is one of the most successful brands produced by JTI.

Why Do People Choose Monte Carlo?

Monte Carlo is a cigarette brand for real connoisseurs of tobacco flavour. The cigarettes branded Monte Carlo contain one of the three types of tobacco: Virginia, Oriental, or Burley. The manufacturer uses only sampled tobacco leaves to ensure the quality and taste of Monte Carlo cigarettes are just what the smokers expect them to be.

The taste of Monte Carlo cigarettes is very rich due to the amounts of nicotine and tar in them. Every drag reveals an expressive taste of tobacco, and every exhalation opens the aromatic flavour of the dense fog. If you like making smoke rings - the bluish colour of Monte Carlo cigarettes is perfect for you.

Monte Carlo Cigarettes Types

Apart from the classic Monte Carlo cigarettes, which are known for their strength, the brand also offers light cigarettes containing 0.1 - 0.5 mg of nicotine per cigarette. While the first three would satisfy the tastes of experienced smokers, the light versions will fit those who prefer feeling less expressed tobacco taste.