Monte Carlo Cigarettes

Monte Carlo cigarettes are produced by Japan Tobacco Inc. and other partner manufacturing facilities in Europe. JTI is a young but professional company that has their main office located in Geneva (Switzerland). There is a wide range of Monte Carlo pack types. Each of them has own refined taste and individual character. Nowadays Super Slims start to gain more popularity as women smokers choose elegance and style in addition to the great taste and quality of the products.

Monte Carlo is not the exception in this case. Some people might say that slims are not original cigarettes and that they don't give enough smoke to properly enjoy the flavor. But this is not a common opinion as there are so many fans of slims and they will never go back to the usual format cigarettes. And after all if we are speaking about the originality, we should mention the pipe as the original smoking device that native Americans used to smoke tobacco with. JTI keeps its traditions and original receipt in Monte Carlo.