Clan Pipe Tobacco

The history of this legendary pipe tobacco can be traced back to the dawn of the XVIII century: Theodorus Niemeyer opened a small family-run enterprise in 1819. Since those times, the brand experienced a series of transformations. It has been extremely successful throughout the last century. However, it somewhat lost its leading position by the end of it. Nowadays, it belongs to the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which revived the once legendary name, offering all connoisseurs of the best pipe tobaccos a chance to rediscover it for themselves.

One of the Most Popular Brands in Europe

As of today, Clan pipe tobacco is distributed in more than 30 countries all over the globe. It is particularly popular among European smokers: it never levers a top-three list in the UK and holds similar positions in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and France. There are several variations of this blend available for your consideration: they mostly revolve around the time-tested combination of Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish tobaccos. Clam pipe tobacco has several significant advantages, such as:

  • Rich aroma;
  • Affordable price;
  • Convenient strength;
  • Optional flavoring.

Clan Aromatic

Here is a splendid choice for those smokers who adore multi-flavored mixes with subtle hints and a complex structure. It has unique aromatic qualities and features fourteen different tobaccos, including Burley, Virginia, Cavendish and Black Cavendish, Oriental/Turkish, Kentucky, Maryland, and Perique. It should be noted that this blend differs significantly from its predecessor: the original recipe has been transformed since 1998 when the brand was purchased by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Therefore, those smokers who are looking for this specific mix being led by nostalgia may be a little bit disappointed. However, newer does not necessarily mean worse, especially when it comes to such an exquisite thing as aromatic tobaccos. Doubtlessly, this blend is capable of catching the attention of a true connoisseur.

Clan Raw Blend

This mix is manufactured from a selection of burley and air/flue-cured tobaccos. It consists of Virginia, Burley, and Kentucky tobaccos with no toppings. It offers you a pure, clean, and rich taste: it certainly needs no other flavoring, since the delicate balance between Virginia and Burley tobaccos creates an unforgettable mix with a very pleasant aftertaste. This mix is relatively slow burning: it brings pleasant sensations without overwhelming you with too strong a hit. This blend is available in 40 grams pouches. The tobacco comes prepared for immediate use: there is no need to cut the already loose strands of tobacco leaves.

In Conclusion

The Clan tobacco blend makes for a perfect choice in terms of both affordability and persistently high quality. This brand has a cult following and deservedly so. Rich and clean smelling, with a pleasant room note, and unobtrusive flavoring, it has all the potential to conquer the hearts of avid smokers.