Golden Gate Cigarettes

The Golden Gate is the hallmark of the city of San Francisco. Also, Golden Gate is German cigarettes with an American past. What do they have in common? Like the majestic suspension bridge connecting two major settlements, the cigarettes brand combine the famous German quality and the unique and sophisticated American traditions of tobacco growing.

Golden Gate cigarettes are aimed at the middle price segment. They are an excellent choice for enthusiasts who are just getting acquainted with different varieties of tobacco and for experienced smokers with well-established taste preferences. Golden Gate uses Virginia tobacco which gives it smooth burn and excellent aftermath. A low level of tar, fast burn, and sweetish taste with citrus bitterness moderate astringency with a deep puff – this is how you can briefly describe the kaleidoscope of sensations that Golden Gate delivers. The cigarettes are packed in a solid rectangular box with a discreet design. Golden Gate is a perfect solution for every day, considering its pleasant aftertaste, reasonable prices, and striking design!