Rothmans Cigarettes

Rothmans cigarettes are made by British tobacco company Rothmans International. This manufacturer is also known by such brands as Dunhill, Pall Malls and Players. The history of this company starts from 1890 when Louis Rothman opened a small cigarettes kiosk in London. And in 1929 his company was already first time listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 1972 Rothmans sponsored the British team on the Olympic game and thus it starts its sponsorship activities.

Then in 1976 Rothmans International sponsored the inaugural Hong Kong Sevens and from 1970 till 2002 – annual football reference book Rothmans Football Yearbook. In 1999 Rothmans brand became a part of British American Tobacco. This brand are well-known in hundreds countries all around the world not only thanks to its sponsorship activity but also because of the high quality and unforgettable taste the cigarettes.

These smokes are manufactured using special technology. The weight of each cigarette is in little bigger than in other cigarettes because tobacco is warmed by the stem of water with honey. That’s why these cigarettes have a exquisite and extraordinary flavor that has attracted millions of consumers.