Rothmans Cigarettes

Rothmans is a brand with a very long and interesting history, which has gone the way from a small kiosk to a reputable British tobacco manufacturer called Rothmans International. Although the latter no longer exists, the brand Rothmans is still super popular among smokers around the globe. The history of the brand began in 1890 in London. The founder of the brand Louis Rothman opened a kiosk where he sold hand-made cigarettes of ultimate quality. In 1905, the brand was issued a royal warrant getting much higher in success rating.

In 1999, the company was acquired by British American Tobacco. Rothmans is now one of the most successful and best-known British American Tobacco brands sold in more than 180 countries.

The Products by Rothmans Brand

Throughout its history, Rothmans became a sponsoring brand for many motorsports events and teams.

The Rothmans cigarettes taste ranges from strong to light and soft as they contain anywhere between 0.3 mg and 1 mg nicotine, while the amounts of tars range from 3 mg to 10 mg. As such, they can go well for experienced smokers and those who prefer lighter versions of full-flavoured tobacco cigarettes. Do you like any non-tobacco flavours in cigarettes? Then you would probably like Rothmans with menthol, blueberry, or melon capsules. Experiment with tastes to get some new experience in smoking.