Pall Mall Cigarettes

Pall Mall is a famous cigarette brand with more than 122-year-long history. Established in 1899 in the UK, the brand got its name from Pall Mall street in London. Despite its British origin, the brand is now considered American. It is owned by the British American Tobacco company, which sells the Pall Mall cigarettes outside the United States, while R. J. Reynolds Tobacco company owns the rights for the brand sales on the US territory.

A Bit of Pall Mall History

The founder of the Pall Mall brand was the British Butler & Butler Company. Eight years after the brand was introduced, the Butler & Butler company was acquired by the American Tobacco company. The latter used the brand as a platform for testing new cigarette designs, like king-size cigarettes (85mm) and longs (100 mm). The company also presented a new way of stuffing tobacco, which was supposed to reduce the unpleasant sensations in the throat of smokers. However, the novelties couldn’t keep the brand high in sales.

In 1994, the brand was sold to Brown & Williamson Tobacco company. The last time Pall Mall changed its owner was in 2004 when Brown & Williamson Tobacco merged with R. J. Reynolds Tobacco company.

Pall Mall Products

In the UK, the Pall Mall brand products are represented in several versions varying in their tobacco flavour intensity and blends. The tobacco used for Pall Mall brand products is either Virginia or American blend, which is normally a mixture of Oriental, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos. Until 2020, UK smokers could also find menthol flavoured Pall Mall cigarettes for sale. Yet after a ban for menthol cigarettes coming into effect, they are no longer available.