Salem Cigarettes

Salem is a brand launched 65 years ago by one of the largest American tobacco-selling companies R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Currently, the brand is owned by Japan Tobacco outside the United States and Imperial Tobacco inside the country. The change of ownership took place in 2015.

Some More Facts about Salem

Salem cigarettes are best known for their menthol flavour. Unlike other brands introduced on the market of menthol cigarettes, Salem managed to stand out due to tobacco blend with Asian menthol, which is much different from what other companies use. Salem was the first brand introducing filter-tipped menthol cigarettes. Like many other brands producing menthol-flavoured cigarettes, the target audience of Salem was and still remains young smokers aged 18 – 23.

In its advertising campaigns, the brand relies on the freshness a smoker feels instead of tobacco taste. Nature landscapes and fun-loving models in their ads are supposed to persuade people that smoking Salem isn’t as harmful as smoking regular full-flavoured tobacco cigarettes.

Salem Products

Depending on the smokers’ preferences in cigarette heaviness, Salem offers cigarettes ranging from heavy to light. The brand products are also divided into four labels: Black Label, Green Label, Gold Box, and Silver Box. So any menthol cigarette fan can find Salem products that will meet their needs and preferences.