Salem Cigarettes

Cigarette Brand Salem is owned by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company from 1956 when it was launched and gained renown. Salem cigarettes were first menthol cigarettes with filter-tipped that is why they quickly became in demand. Salem smokes have original composition. Their mix consists not only from traditional mainstream Menthol but also from Asian Menthol that gives them particularly different taste that make Salem cigarettes recognizable. So, the ingenious taste of these cigarettes deserves its unique name Salem which was given by R.J. Reynolds in honor to the city where he was born and lived (Winston-Salem, North Carolina).

Salem brand as many other cigarette brands didn't lose the opportunity to be engaged in a sponsorship activity. It sponsored the Hong Kong Open on the beginning of 20 century, ATP tennis tournament. Salem brand also became a sponsor of hundreds concerts and events all around Azia that brought its more popularity. Salem cigarettes are worth to be tasted, these smokes are unique and unforgettable.