King Edward Cigars

As of today, King Edward Cigars remains one of the most popular tobacco brands in the world. Available in more than 60 different countries, these cigars dominate the niche of machine-made inexpensive cigars, representing a long-wished-for balance between high quality and affordability. The company aims to preserve the culture of elegant and introspective smoking, which is losing its place in the new society.

How Did It Begin

The company was founded in 1918 — yes, here is a brand with long and honored history. It quickly became one of the most successful manufacturers in the market, pushing aside more ancient yet less capable brands. Nowadays, it belongs to Swisher International, which rightfully holds second place in the list of most profitable cigar companies of this decade. Unlike elitist brands, which rely on a rather small group of customers who prefer collecting cigars instead of smoking them, this company opts for a more egalitarian approach. A cigar is made for smoking. It is here to help you relax and bring you enjoyment after a long and nervous day at work. Doubtlessly, King Edward Cigars excel at this task.

The History behind the Name

Obviously, this brand is christened after a prominent historical figure. However, is there more to it than a respectable title? This story deserves special mention. Many zealous smokers regard King Edward VII as their patron. His mother, Queen Victoria, hated the smell of tobacco. She even banned it for some time, causing great displeasure among her citizens. On the contrary, the young Prince of Wales adored smoking so much that considered it a matter of national importance. One of his first royal edicts in 1901 was dedicated to this delicate theme. “Gentlemen, you may smoke,” — these were the very words of His Highness, which restored the natural rights of all smokers in the United Kingdom. No wonder such a prominent quote earned him an admirable place in history!

Flavored Mild Cigars for Everyday Use

The cigars offered by this brand usually have a mild taste. They are manufactured from low-aged filler tobaccos derived from four countries. The company aims for meticulous control over all stages of the manufacturing process, which means that all cigars have the characteristic rich taste and smooth draw.

Available Options

You can choose from a decent variety of flavors, the most popular of which are the following:

  • King Edward Filtered Cigars Regular
  • King Edward Filtered Cigars Special
  • King Edward Filtered Cigars Menthol
  • King Edward Filtered Cigars Cherry

You can purchase convenient packs featuring five cigars or opt for a 50-box set.

Choose the Best Smoking Experience with King Edward Cigars!

This brand is a perfect choice for avid smokers and those ready to experiment with different flavors. Affordable, high quality, and flavored, these cigars are great for everyday smoking as well as for truly special occasions.