Camel Cigarettes

Each of cigarette brands well-known all over the world has its unique history. Camel has appeared in 1913, when Richard Joshua Reynolds has changed his business of producing tobacco into cigarettes production at his factory in a small town of Winston, Northern Carolina. Camel was among the first four brands, cigarettes with eastern appeal, but with typical American taste. So American, that the manufacturer even has received an order for delivery these cigarettes to the USA army during the First World War. It is curious, that first they could not decide, how many humps a camel on a pack should have (one or two) until they have chosen the first variant. The camel was constant, and the image of the man with cigarettes

Camel varied a lot during this time. In the beginning it was the rude guy with a hat on one side which after 20−th has turned to the elegant and successful aesthete (there is a version, that this image has also bribed the president Franklin who never changed Camel). In 80− the new hero, the unshaven man, traveler has appeared, due to whom the most beautiful places in the world started to be associated with Camel.

In 2002 a global restart of the brand has been carried out: innovations have touched all the components of the cigarettes: tobacco sheet, mixing, aromatic additives, a paper, and filters and, certainly, design of a pack. Today cheap Camel cigarettes from European tobacco manufacturers is sold in more than 100 countries!