West Cigarettes

The year 1981 was marked with a new cigarette brand, West, coming to the market. Excellent advertising campaign and affordable price for West cigarettes had quickly grown it into a popular European cigarette brand. The brand got especially popular in the post-Soviet countries bringing significant losses to other brands that used to be popular in those territories.

The owner of the brand is Imperial Brands – a British tobacco and cigarette company ranking fourth in the world by the market share. Starting from 1981, the brand was constantly spreading its products around Europe, and by the year 1999, West finally got to the United Kingdom.

Significant recognition and popularity came to the brand after the start of its cooperation with the McLaren Formula One team. However, autosport wasn’t the only one West was sponsoring. The brand was also involved in the sponsorship of motorsport teams and amateur cage fighters.

West – Feel Real Tobacco Flavour

West offers many varieties of cigarettes for every smoker to find the one for themselves. The selection of West cigarettes ranges from heavy, containing 1 mg of nicotine and 14 mg tar (West Stream TEC) to those with softer tastes like West One where the concentrations of nicotine and tars don’t exceed 0.2 mg and 2 mg, respectively. Such a significant difference in cigarette heaviness aims to broaden the target audience of the brand and expand its popularity in the countries where it still can’t achieve the set sale goals.

Apart from full flavoured cigarettes, West offers more than 15 varieties of products, including West Ice featuring menthol flavour. West Compact DUO is another product by the brand with menthol flavour. It contains menthol capsules for those who usually smoke full flavoured cigarettes but want to feel some freezing freshness once in a while without the need to buy another pack of cigarettes.