Drum Rolling Tobacco

It is time to talk about a truly legendary brand, a product so popular that many smokers use its name as a substitute for shag. Drum. It is a leading international brand of fine-cut hand-rolling tobacco. Arguably, it is the most well-known shag brand in the world, and for a good reason. It offers you a particularly great price-performance ratio: strong and layered, it is also one of the most affordable tobacco alternatives on the market.

Popular Varieties

As of today, you can find a surprisingly small number of varieties of this glorious brand. One can say that this situation is self-explanatory: there is no need to tinker with an already perfect solution. Further additions and toppings would ruin the already working formula: after all, one of the main advantages of this brand is its affordability. As for the already existing varieties, the most successful of them are the following: Drum Gold and Drum Bright Blue tobaccos.

Drum Bright Blue Hand Rolling Tobacco

This is a premium blend of bright Virginias and barrel-cured Dark Kentucky with a smooth and strong flavor. This brand has a considerable cult following. The reasons behind this devotion are clear: its splendid multi-layered, somewhat sweet, almost chocolaty, and musky taste with a mild aroma is perfect even for casual smokers. In addition, this blend has a huge number of pros, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • It does not contain additives or preservatives, only 100% natural tobacco leaves.
  • Unlike a handful of less trustworthy brands, Drum Bright Blue contains no burn accelerators — you get natural tobacco leaves burning as they should.
  • Drum Blight Blue is exceptionally affordable: one may be sure that this mix is a renowned leader in a super-premium niche of high-quality tobaccos.

This blend is available in individually sealed 50-gram pouches.

Drum Gold Hand Rolling Tobacco

This mix is created using only the traditional Virginia tobacco along with Oriental and Burley tobaccos. It is considerably milder than the Bright Blue mix, which may come in handy if you are looking for something milder yet wish the mix to preserve its unique taste. Thanks to its carefully adjusted balance of dark Burley tobacco and fine-cut bright Virginia tobacco, this mix is perfect for hand rolling: it is pleasant to work with, closely grouped, and finely structured. Because of this consistency, it burns slowly and very neatly.


The Drum brand has long since achieved its very well-deserved cult status among smokers. Cheap yet strong and of exceptionally high quality, it makes a perfect choice both for special occasions and everyday use. Even those novices who have never tried it before will learn to enjoy its rich taste in a short time.