LD Cigarettes

The producer of the L&D cigarettes is the Gallaher Limited Tobacco Company. This tobacco facility looked into tastes and preferences of smokers and created a tobacco brand that maintains all positive tobacco qualities - LD cigarette. The flavour of the given cigarettes has a inimitable interpretation. You would never describe LD smokes as the tobacco brand that has the same smell or taste with any other types of cigarettes.

LD cigarette consists of a good quality tobacco. The taste of this tobacco mark is inimitable by the reason of the fact that in contents of the cigarette individual ingredients are added in order to give LD cigarettes unique taste and smell. Added elements can be tasted in the bouquet of the LD filter. The smokes manufacturers, the Gallaher Limited, are founded on the approach "Quantity Not Exceeded" (QNE). This fact makes the fame of this company to increase and it's tobacco brand to be favored so much. Gallaher Liggett - Ducat is one of the front-runner of the Russian cigarettes production sector, it is built from the joint enterprise established in 1990 oriented on Moscow factory Ducat whose history began in 1891.

Since 2000 Liggett - Ducat has became a part of English Gallaher Group Pls. Moscow factory Liggett - Ducat is one of the advanced companies. LD is one of the most known tobacco marks in Russia. LD consists of the best tobacco sorts, up-to-date European technologies, quality and the reasonable price. The business was originally founded in 1857 by Tom Gallaher in Derry, Ireland. By 1896, he had established the biggest tobacco facility in the world in Belfast.

The business was joint on 28 March 1896 to "carry on in all their branches the businesses of tobacco, cigars, cigarettes and snuff manufacture". Formerly originated in London and Dublin, Gallagher's relocated its production to Belfast (cigarettes) and Wales (cigars) in the early 20th century. On 4 August 2000 Gallaher ended acquisition of Liggett Ducat, Russia's main smokes brand. In January 2002, Gallaher became the 100% owner of Austria's old nationalised biggest tobacco-company Austria Tabak.

In 2002 US cigarette firm Reynolds created Reynolds-Gallaher International to let the manufacturers to tobacco sales in a number of countries in the European Union. It was concluded to run through 2012 but in May 2007, as a result of the acquisition of Gallaher Group by Japan Tobacco, it was said that this joint enterprise would break off in November.

The closing of the former JR Freemans enterprise in Cardiff was proclaimed in September 2007, with all work scheduled to leave to the Ballymena plant by September 2009. Japan Tobacco became the only possessor of the Gallaher Group on 18 April 2007, in the biggest ever foreign acquisition in Japanese history. JT has made experimentative attempts to close Gallaher's head office in Weybridge.

LD tobacco mark is cigarettes that come on the tobacco field and it is the real adversary for the present tobacco marks, even for those that have well-built reputation among people who smoke. It's a new announce on the smokes market. Tasting this cigarettes you will see why this tobacco brand is named in such a way.