Glamour Cigarettes

Glamour is a mid-priced cigarette brand aimed at a female audience. The manufacturing company Gallaher Liggett-Ducat has done everything to ensure that the brand is firmly established in the tobacco arena and can win a lady's heart. The Glamour brand was founded in 1998, and during this time, it managed to take its niche, satisfying the needs of women by delivering high-quality thin cigarettes. The company is headquartered in Geneva, although the brand is owned by the Japanese corporation JTI.

Glamour cigarettes are the second-largest brand in the world that fulfills the preferences of female consumers. Being packed in a soft, neat thin package, the cigarettes easily fit into a small handbag. Aside from being compact, the pack looks like a stylish, elegant, expensive accessory. The pack layout was developed by an Italian design bureau, so each type of cigarette is recognizable and looks like a fashionable piece of jewelry. Interestingly, the manufacturer abandoned the classic American tobacco blend mixed with light varieties.As a result, Glamour cigarettes are easy to smoke. The burn produces very little smoke, and its smell quickly dissipates, which is so appreciated by ladies.

Glamour cigarettes are ideal for active and cheerful girls. They give a rich aroma and delicate taste due to first-class tobacco. With excellent aroma, smooth burn and reasonable price point, these cigarettes are in demand among many women worldwide.