Kent Cigarettes

Kent cigarettes appeared in 1952. The brand was founded by American entrepreneur Herbert Kent, who immediately decided that his product would match the high-quality standards. The filler has a classic American Blend tobacco. Long, 7 cm machine-rolled cigarettes were placed in a nice soft pack. However, the brand gained popularity thanks to advertising, competitive positioning, and innovation in smoking. Kent was the first brand that has included asbestos filters in the cigarettes. Smokers quickly appreciated the flavour and aftertaste of the cigarettes, which resulted in significant sales increasing!

The company did not stop there and set a goal to regularly surprise its customers with new products and the highest achievements in the sphere of cigarette manufacturing. Already in 1956, the asbestos filter replaced a safer, more reliable, and efficient one. It is noteworthy that menthol cigarettes were the first to appear in the assortment of the notorious Kent brand. The manufacturer provided several options at once. Thus, the menthol aftertaste lovers could choose a pack of the most suitable strength. The next innovation the brand adopted was a carbon acetate filter that reduced the entry of resins into the respiratory tract. The manufacturer also added a menthol gelatine capsule to the filter. Therefore, the users can choose whether they want to smoke classic cigarettes or refresh the tobacco with a menthol capsule.