King Cigarettes

King is a top-notch cigarette brand that aims to deliver smooth burn and pleasant aftertaste in each roll. It has a natural tobacco filler and leaf casing – all is included in a well-elaborated pack. Swisher International Group has been releasing King for decades. The company operates the largest cigar production factory in the world in Jacksonville, Florida that releases over 7.5 million cigarettes per day.

The name of this product speaks for itself. It is named in honor of King Edward VII – an English monarch who loved to smoke a cigar on various occasions. The product has an official trademark registration and is available in different countries and in multiple packs.

The manufacturer offers several types of cigarettes, so each consumer can find something to their taste. They come in a variety of sizes, tastes, and flavors. All options are machine-made and are rolled into thin paper for smoking, so you can rely on the top-tier quality and even burn. They feature a mild taste and smoke smoothly. The consumer will hardly experience a harsh aftertaste, especially when trying light options.

Whether you want to try a blend tobacco mixture or a full flavor filter cigarette, King definitely has something to offer to its consumers.