Sovereign Cigarettes

Sovereign is a relatively new name on the tobacco market. It is manufactured by the Japan Tobacco International company which owns a decent spot in the industry by producing multiple brands. Benson & Hedges and Camel are just some of them.

The cigarettes were rebranded in the spring, 1996 and now they are released in a light and full flavor form. Numerous Lambert & Butler consumers have switched to Sovereign in 1997 since it is a more affordable option with a high-quality filling.

Currently, the cigarettes come in two sizes – Superking and Kingsize. They are suitable for those who prefer mild strength cigarettes without a harsh aftertaste. Instead, the consumers can enjoy smooth burn and excellent tasting. Sovereign provides adult smokers with a full flavor, top-rated product at a budget-friendly price point, which makes the brand stand out from the rivals.

The carton contains 18 packs. Nevertheless, the price is fully justified, and you will be amazed by the value for money. The appealing design of the packs accentuates the perfect reputation of the manufacturer and the quality of the product.