Hilton Cigarettes

Hilton cigarettes are produced by the British American Tobacco company and are well known in all European countries. Despite including premium tobacco, the brand establishes an average price point, making it affordable for numerous categories of users. Hilton cigarettes owe their name thanks to the famous Hilton family, the founders, and the prestigious Hilton hotel network owners. The quality of cigarettes lives up to their prominent name.

The filtered cigarettes are packed into a well-designed pack. The most predominant colours of pack design are yellow and grey. These colours tell that the owner of the pack is confident, creative, and successful. The Hilton cigarettes come in two varieties that differ in their aftertaste and the amount of tar and nicotine.

Hilton cigarettes give off all the sweetness during the smoking process. The flavour has woody and earthy notes. The cigarette produces a little smoke, and it is not sharp. The smell is pleasant enough and disappears quickly. The quality of tobacco in Hilton is beyond doubt. These cigarettes have been produced for decades and are known all over the world. The cigarettes cater to the needs of both beginning tobacco consumers and experienced smokers.