Esse Cigarettes

Esse cigarettes are designed for customers who have just started to use tobacco products or prefer classic soft tobacco varieties. The Korea-based brand is owned by KT&G, one of the five largest tobacco manufacturers in Asia. Esse is sought-after for its aftertaste and incomparable aromas.

Over the years, the brand has occasionally released a series of cigarettes with the different aromas. The Korean manufacturer carefully monitors the quality of raw materials. That is why Esse incorporates only elite varieties of light tobacco with semi-natural aromatic additions.

These cigarettes are especially popular among female users. But the manufacturer took care of the men as well by offering extravagant tastes and strong tobacco. You can recognize Korean cigarettes by a light pack with coloured smoke.

If you want to expand the boundaries of your smoking experience, feel free to opt for Esse cigarettes from KT&G. The brand offers excellent value for money and has many satisfied users from all over the world.

Those who want to experience new, bright sensations should definitely try Esse. The cigarettes deliver a prologue taste and unforgettable pleasure. Cigarettes have optimal strength. Well-elaborated packaging made of solid cardboard is guaranteed to keep the original shape of each unit.