Esquire Cigarettes

Esquire has vast popularity among smokers from all over the world. With an exclusive aroma and smooth burn, these cigarettes will remain in your memory for a long time.

Esquire has earned a spot as one of the top contenders in the overcrowded tobacco scene. It is a sought-after brand not only in the US but also in India. However, it isn't approved in some European and Asian countries. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find the cigarettes in stock on multiple websites.

These tobacco products are supplied to the market in two sizes such as a short (70mm) and kind size (85mm). It is also possible to choose between a soft and hard pack of cigarettes. If it comes to the strengths, there are two types of Esquire cigarettes:

  • Esquire Golden Title will be suitable for those who prefer light flavors. The envy burn and pleasant aftertaste will allow you to enjoy every time you are trying a cigarette.
  • Esquire Red&Black Title has a full flavor. It will be the best feet for those who want to enjoy the process of smoking to the fullest. This product encompasses an ideal balance of tar and delicate aroma

The pack has a recognizable emblem and has a relatively rich look. These cigarettes have an excellent price-quality ratio. Esquire is a top choice for those who value top-rated products.