Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Lucky Strike is a typical representative of American tobacco production. It is owned by the British American Tobacco group. The founder of the cigarettes was R. A. Patterson. He introduced the exclusive taste to the consumers in 1871. The entrepreneur managed to buy a tobacco factory badly damaged in a fire with burnt tobacco stocks.

An experienced merchant did not miss the opportunity to make money on the prepared raw materials and mixed burnt tobacco. As a result, he received a new original taste, which later became the basis of the Lucky Strike blend. Fried tobacco mixed with sun-dried raw materials has become the trademark.

In 1905, Lucky Strike cigarettes became a part of the large corporation American Tobacco Company, which later became British American Tobacco. In 1917, the brand underwent a rebranding. It adopted a new pack with the slogan "Lucky Strike means fine tobacco." The blend has also had some changes since only fried tobacco was added to it. From 1935 to 1960, the brand occupied the leading places in the world in terms of sales.

During World War II, marketers worked hard to promote the brand. As a result, the packaging has lost the usual dark green colour, making the new one even more appealing for women.

Lucky Strike cigarettes are currently manufactured in Europe. Cigarettes with and without filters are available for sale. Also, it is possible to opt for the mint flavour.

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