Sobranie Cigarettes

Sobranie is one of the oldest tobacco marks in the world. It has been registered in 1879 in London by natives of Russia when cigarettes just became fashionable in Europe. From the very first days Sobranie cigarettes has got popularity in the aristocratic environment, becoming the integral attribute of secular receptions. Such known people, as Oscar Wild, Fyodor Shalyapin, Rothschild, Winston preferred it. During the long time tobacco house Sobranie was the supplier of royal court yard of the Great Britain, Spain, Romania, and Greece. The refined style and carefully picked up mix of the best kinds of tobacco Virginia allow Sobranie to be one of the most popular brands of a luxury class already for more than hundred years.

"Sobranie Slims" cigarettes have five kinds of cigarettes with the coal filter (except Sobranie Mints). Sobranie Pinks is differed with gentle and many-sided taste, Sobranie Mints with menthol one. Sobranie Reds are the most strong, and Sobranie Whites are the most facilitated cigarettes.

"Sobranie Black Russian": cigarettes of "lux" class. These are noble cigarettes of black color with the refined gilt filter. Cigarettes are created for respectable men. The strong, perfect taste of cigarettes on the basis of perfect sorts of tobacco of the highest quality symbolizes nobleness and prestige.

"Sobranie Cocktail": cigarettes of "lux" class. These are bright multi-colored cigarettes with the gilt filter. The cigarettes personifying luxury and prestige are created for the wealthy ladies. Magnificent taste of cigarettes again and again calls to get the pleasure.

"Sobranie Super slims": cigarettes of premium class. Super slims and refined, with stylish pink and green coal filters, they ideally emphasize originality and elegance of the refined nature.