Sobranie Cigarettes

Like many other cigarette brands, Sobranie started its history in London, the UK. The brand history dates back to the 19th century and is tightly associated with the aristocratic traditions of that time. Currently, the brand is owned by Japan Tobacco Inc. - the second-largest cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company in the world. Sobranie is one of the key brands of the company. Therefore, its quality is strictly regulated to provide smokers with the best tobacco taste.

Sobranie. Some More about the Brand Products

Sobranie is a brand offering rich product flavour and taste due to a blend of Burley, Oriental, and Virginia tobaccos. Apart from full-flavored heavy cigarettes, Sobranie also offers light cigarettes. The balanced soft taste of Sobranie slims is very popular among women. The elegant and chic design of the Sobranie package is another reason why women smokers prefer this brand.

One of the distinctive features of this brand is the significant difference in prices for their products. However, both more expensive and more affordable varieties of Sobranie cigarettes have excellent tobacco quality, which guarantees a perfect balance of taste.

By the way, among the products of the Sobranie brand, there are mint-flavoured and citrus flavoured cigarettes, so if you want to feel some new shades of tobacco taste, these cigarettes will definitely become a good choice.