Kiss Cigarettes

Kiss cigarettes first appeared at stores about 10 years ago. The brand is developed by British-based Innovation Tobacco Company. Depot WPF worked on the first design, and 5 years later a new version was released with a changed pattern on the pack. The second version was created by the Quantum Graphics agency, which added painting to the general background on a pack. This brand has the following characteristics:

  • A wide variety of flavours.
  • Each taste has a bright and rich aroma.
  • Stylish design, compact packaging that allows you to always have the cigarettes at hand.
  • Cigarettes are suitable for both women and men.

The manufacturer has created two options, differing in size. Currently, Mini and Superslim packs are produced. The first version has a size of 5 × 48 mm, and the second version is increased to 100 mm. Both types contain a low amount of nicotine, the total volume reaches up to 0.4-0.6 mg, which gives a pleasant sensation while smoking.

The brand name is associated with elegant tobacco products for lovely ladies. However, the wide variety of cigarettes will appeal to male users. You will need to play around with all the varieties to choose the flavour that suits you.

The tastes of Kiss cigarettes differ from each other, which allow you to choose the option you like for smoking. The variety of flavours, pleasant aftertaste and affordable price point make Kiss a popular option among consumers.