Dunhill Cigarettes

British American Tobacco produces one of the most popular cigarettes called Dunhill. Alfred Dunhill has founded these cigarettes in 1907. The cigarettes have an interesting history. For example, Dunhill achieved a royal warrant in 1927 and preserved its status until 1995.

Dunhill cigarettes incorporate only high-quality tobacco, which completely justifies its above average price tag. Inside the wrapper, you can find 100% tobacco. Moreover, even the wrapper is made from even out tobacco leaves.

This brand is sought-after among consumers from different countries. Besides the United Kingdom, Dunhill is available in Canada, France Germany and other countries.

Dunhill comes in multiple strengths, which makes it suitable for multiple categories of users. Having received great sales around the world, the Dunhill brand is trying to constantly offer new solutions and improved tastes of tobacco products.

The foil inside was replaced with a film that tightly closes the pack of cigarettes and thereby prevents the tobacco from absorbing foreign smells or losing its unique aroma.

This packaging method is one of the main distinguishing features of the brand. Rich history, traditional tobacco mixture, sweetish spicy aroma, and original filter made cigarettes recognizable and popular across the UK.