Richmond Cigarettes

Richmond is rather a young cigarette brand, which got famous due to its cherry-flavoured cigarettes. The owner and the manufacturer of this brand is Imperial Tobacco – a British company considered the fourth largest tobacco and cigarette-selling company in the world.

The history of the brand began in 1968 when it was introduced in Canada. At that time, the Imperial Tobacco company bought the rights for using a Strickman filter, which was thought to be 70% more effective than any other cigarette filter. The decision to start producing Richmond cigarettes with the Strickman filter became a fiasco after it had been revealed that the filter didn’t work the way it was supposed to. The scandal with the Stickman filter became a reason for brand withdrawal in the 1970s. Many years later, in 1999, the brand was re-introduced in the UK.

Why Smokers Choose Richmond?

Richmond is a brand that stands out due to the unique flavours of its cigarettes. Along with traditional full-flavoured tobacco cigarettes, the brand offers cherry and coffee-flavoured cigarettes. Unlike common thought, no artificial flavours are added to cherry cigarettes. It’s only a blend of Burley and Golden Virginia tobacco that gives the unique pleasant taste and aroma of Richmond cherry cigarettes.

Another peculiarity of this brand is that its products are made of pipe tobacco, which is one of the reasons the flavour of Richmond is like no other. The pure hemp fiber wrapping along with the platinum filter technology bring Richmond to the premium cigarette segment.