Winston Cigarettes

In 1954, the cigarette brand Winston was first introduced to the market. The founder of the brand is R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The brand was named after town Winston-Salem, NC, where R. J. Reynolds started his career in the tobacco business.

Now, the brand belongs to Japan Tobacco outside the USA, while ITG Brands (the Imperial Tobacco subsidiary) holds the rights for the brand in the United States.

According to the latest reports, Winston is the second best-selling cigarette brand in the world. While its US sales are constantly reducing.

Traditionally for many cigarette brands, Winston was sponsoring various sports events, including the NASCAR series, drag racing series, football World Cup, and others.

Winston Brand Products

Winston has a broad selection of products. They are available in a variety of flavours, including full-flavoured Winston Red, and cigarettes with softer less expressed tobacco taste, like Winston Silver, Winston XS Blue, Winston XStyle Blue, and Winston One.

The brand has also taken care that smokers preferring unusual cigarette flavours could have several Winston cigarette versions to choose from. The selection of Winston cigarettes with menthol flavour is quite impressive: Winston Super Slims Fresh Menthol, Winston XSuperslims Impulse Purple, and so on. Menthol only is not enough for you? Try Winston Compact Impulse, which has a pleasant menthol/ berry flavour.

The secret of this brand’s popularity lies in excellent quality tobacco combined with tireless work on brand development and improvement. Despite its average price, Winston is always associated with quality and pleasant tobacco taste.