Muratti Cigarettes

Muratti is another brand representing one of the world’s biggest companies in the tobacco and cigarette-selling business Philip Morris International. This is a global cigarette brand, which was introduced in 1821 in Istanbul (then Constantinople) and then moved several times. The founder of the company is a tobacco trader of the Greek descent Basil Muratoglou. Due to political reasons, he had to move the company several times: first – to Germany and then to the United Kingdom. Now, Muratti is considered one of the most successful brands of Philip Morris International and so is presented on the markets of many European countries, including the UK, as well as in the United States and India.

More about Muratti Products

Although initially, Muratti was a brand that was oriented on the male audience, now it has changed a lot and produces many varieties for female smokers. The past versions of Muratti cigarettes contained up to 14 mg of tar per cigarette, while now they have from 1 mg to 8 mg of tar. Of course, there are heavier Muratti brand products for those smokers who prefer their special flavour and elegance combined in one cigarette.

If you are new to this brand, it might be useful for you to know that Muratti cigarettes are produced in three varieties: Zaffiro, Chiaro, and Rosso. They vary in the amounts of nicotine and tar, as well as in size. By the way, Muratti brand cigarettes are also produced with menthol flavour.