Viceroy Cigarettes

Viceroy is a cigarette brand famous for being the first that produced cork-tipped filter cigarettes. Established in 1936, this brand still remains very popular in many European countries. Founded by the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation, the brand became famous for its production innovations, which later became industry standards. One of them is the addition of a cellulose acetate filter to the cigarettes, which allowed the brand to significantly reduce the amounts of tars inhaled by smokers.

The current owner of the brand outside the United States is British American Tobacco – the world’s biggest manufacturer and seller of tobacco products. Viceroy was considered a middle-price brand when it only appeared on the market. Now, it is a budget brand, which still offers cigarettes with good quality tobacco.

Viceroy Product Variety

Cigarettes branded Viceroy come in three varieties: Red, Blue, and Silver. Viceroy Red cigarettes are the heaviest version containing 0.9 mg nicotine and 12 mg tar. They will fit experienced smokers who like pronounced tobacco taste. Those who want a bit smoother taste of Viceroy cigarettes might better choose Viceroy Blue. Their nicotine and tar levels are 0.7 mg and 8 mg respectively. The softest flavour belongs to Viceroy Silver, which has 0.4 mg nicotine and 5 mg tar.

Regardless of the cigarette heaviness, smokers won’t feel any discomfort in the throat but will feel the taste smooth due to a system of filters used in Viceroy brand products. Viceroy is a brand offering quality products at a reasonable price.