Classic Cigarettes

Classic cigarettes are a real find for smoking enthusiasts and first-class tobacco lovers. The products manufactured by International Masis Tabak are popular in many spots of the world. But most of the brand's fans live in the UK, the USA, Iran, and Russia.

International Masis Tabak is a Canadian-Armenian joint venture. Their production workshops are located in Armenia. To create first-class cigarettes, they use traditional tobacco such as Burley, Khan-Tervel, and Samsun. You can also buy Classic cigarettes created with the addition of experimental varieties Basma and Jubilee. They are grown on their own plantations. The brand's products have received an international quality certificate ISO 2001.

The varieties differ in strength. The manufacturer uses a new high-tech line that allows producing tobacco with a low amount of nicotine and tar. In addition, due to the minimum thermal effect, it is possible to preserve the raw materials' natural aromatic characteristics. This allows for fewer artificial additives. Overall, the cigarettes have a woody, earthy, floral, smoky, a little vegetative aroma. Classic comes in multiple strengths to serve the preferences of multiple categories of users.