L&M Cigarettes

The brand L&M appeared in the USA in 1953. When the success of the cigarettes in the whole USA has been proved, the owners of the company have decided to spread L&M on the international stage. Since 2010, L&M has been taking the fourth place in the list of the most popular cigarettes both inside the United States, and outside it. The tobacco products of this brand are extremely popular in Latin America, Europe, Far East, South Asia, as well as Arab World. 2010 was remarkable for the L&M Company by the sales volume of 88.6 billion cigarettes.

This brand was one of the first trademarks who started to produce cigarettes with the filter that was not a one sided filter. At the moment the L&M was introduced, its slogan was “American cigarettes of the highest quality with the best filter”. Furthermore, the cigarettes were launched with the white filter which immediately became the peculiarity of the brand. In 2007 the look of the cigarettes has undergone dramatic changes. A new tobacco blend has been developed, as well as new triple filter. Moreover, the whole design of the packaging has changed.