L&M Cigarettes

L&M is produced by the Philip Morris International Company – one of the major tobacco manufacturers around the world. The cigarettes first appeared on the market in 1953. The brand name includes the capital letters of its founders’ surnames, American entrepreneurs John Edmond Liggett and Smith Myers.

L&M cigarettes will appeal to smokers who prefer the classic taste of the American tobacco blend. It includes mostly such tobacco varieties as Oriental, Virginia, and Burley.

Tobacco products of this brand are in great demand. These cigarettes are produced based on traditional technologies and include high-quality raw materials. As a result, the consumer receives:

  • optimal strength (one cigarette contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar);
  • affordable price;
  • top-tier product.

The block consists of 10 packs. The packaging is solid, decorated in classic colours.

Based on the global sales statistics, L&M is one of the most sellable cigarettes in the world. These tobacco products are for everyday use and are suitable for both female and male consumers. Furthermore, L&M has strict manufacturing standards, so the cigarettes don’t contain questionable ingredients. Therefore, only original cigarettes will allow you to enjoy the mild pleasant aroma of tobacco.

The cigarette burns slowly, which allows you to enjoy every minute of smoking. They have medium strength, pleasant tobacco taste, and mild tingling.