Amphora Pipe Tobacco

It all started in 1826 when the Halberg family opened a small tobacco manufacturing company. Since those ancient times, the brand experienced a handful of transformations, constantly perfecting itself and aiming to create exceptionally the best tobacco blends. As of today, this company still belongs to the very same Halberg family: a clear sign of devotedness to traditions, stability, and commitment. The company delivers pipe tobacco blends to more than 80 countries and can boast of a huge number of faithful clients.

A Unique Selection of Flavors

The Amphora brand offers you many diverse flavors — each meticulously prepared and creatively designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience. As of today, this selection includes the following blends:

  • Amphora Full Aroma;
  • Amphora Virginia Blend;
  • Amphora Special Reserve Black Cavendish;
  • Amphora Special Reserve No. 2;
  • Amphora Special Reserve No. 8;
  • Amphora Rich Aroma;
  • Amphora Original Blend;
  • Amphora Kentucky Blend;
  • Amphora Mellow Blend;
  • Amphora Burley Blend.

All of these blends are manufactured according to the traditional approaches, and the resulting aromas are clean, pleasant, and potent but never overpowering. In general, the blends are rather slow burning with a subtle aftertaste. Let us examine several of these popular mixes with more precision.

Amphora Full Aroma

As of today, it is the most popular Amphora blend. Slightly sweet and delicately fresh, it offers you a taste of raspberry and orange with a hint of menthol. It is created from Golden Virginia leaf, Dark-Fired Kentucky, and Burley tobaccos.

Amphora Rich Aroma

This full-flavored blend incorporates vanilla, honey, and chocolate — quite an unusual selection, and yet it is mixed with such delicacy that the result is truly fantastic: instead of overwhelming you with strong aromas, this blend offers you a harmonic combination of sweetness and bitterness.

Amphora Black Cavendish

This mix is created from several Virginia tobaccos of the best quality. Dark, rich, and carefully fermented, it gives you a strong yet composed aroma with nuanced hints.

Amphora Original Bland

Here is a splendid choice for beginners: Burley, Kentucky, and Virginia tobaccos create a simple yet enjoyable blend with a characteristic taste.

Amphora Virginia

Yet another simple but perfectly balanced mix for those who appreciate the natural taste and richness of nuances of the finest Virginia tobacco, which originates from Zambia, the United States, and Brazil.

In Conclusion

One can hardly underestimate the popularity and quality of Amphora brands. As of today, despite the recent oversaturation of the market, it would be a difficult task to name a worthy competitor for this brand. Whether you are an experienced smoker or a novice with a desire to experience more unique combinations and try different blends, there is small doubt that among vast collections of the Amphora, you will be able to find exactly what you need.