Newport Cigarettes

When one hears about the cigarette brand Newport, the first association they have is menthol flavour. Newport is the most popular menthol flavoured brand of cigarettes in the world. The name of the brand honours the eponymous port in Rhode Island, USA.

The current owner and manufacturer of Newport cigarettes is R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. The initial owner and the founder of the brand is Lorillard Tobacco Company, which introduced the brand Newport in 1957. Newport changed its ownership in 2015 when its mother company was acquired by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

Newport Brand Products

Being famous for its menthol flavoured cigarettes, the Newport brand also produces full-flavoured and light-flavoured cigarettes without menthol. It is considered the best-selling brand of menthol cigarettes in the world. The brand took its leading positions in menthol cigarette sales right after its appearance on the market and has managed to keep the lead throughout the years.

Newport is a brand loved by both novice and experienced smokers. It’s all due to the variety of products it produces. Smokers can choose not only the intensity of full-flavoured tobacco cigarettes but can also opt between light and intensively flavoured menthol cigarettes.

The brand is less than 65 years old, but it has already gone through many scandals and product discontinuations. Anyway, discontinuing one kind of Newport cigarettes, the brand offers a worthy replacement, so the fans of the brand will always have some new kind of Newports to try.